Hog Haven Farm

Hog Haven Farm

Rob Staples & Verde Shaffer, Owners/Operators
4701 Payne Road
Columbia, VA 23038

Hog Haven Farm is a central Virginia family farm raising heritage breed, AWA approved, pasture rotated pigs. They sell a full range of USDA packaged cuts at area farmers’ markets, as well as hot food featuring their pork made with all local and/or organic ingredients

Special Programs:

Informal tours and discussion of how Hog Haven raises their pigs and chickens as well as tastings of their smoked sausage.

Farm Animals:

Pigs, chickens

Farm Sales:

Full range of USDA packaged, frozen pork cuts and sausage, plus our all-local, sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich, bratwurst, BBQ, and grilled cheese. Also drinks (lemonade, water, cokes) and fresh baked cookies. Free range heritage eggs for sale, as well.


From 64, take exit 148 for Shannon Hill Road /drive about 4 miles south to corner of Shannon Hill and Payne Road on left. 

From Route 6 from the south, take Stage Junction Rd in Columbia north to right turn onto Shannon Hill / go north to Payne Road on the right. 

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