Sweet Greens Farm

Sweet Greens Farm
Owners and Farmers Jim Marzluff & Claudia Seixas
291 Coles Rolling Rd
Scottsville, VA 24590
(843) 327 3959
(843) 327 2437
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Sweet Greens Farm grows high quality vegetables and cut flowers on 3 acres of our 65 acre farm. Our philosophy is to grow clean, nutritious food and beautiful, long lasting blooms while building the soil and creating a healthy environment for plants, animals and humans. We meet or exceed organic standards in order to take care of the land and provide you with the healthiest product possible. We offer Vegetable and Flower CSA memberships with pickups on the farm or in Charlottesville. You can find us at the Charlottesville City Market on Saturdays and Farmers in the Park on Wednesdays all season.

Special Programs: Farm tours through our vegetable and flower fields and greenhouse will be offered throughout the day, with an option for a more extensive to walk to our pond. The tours at 10am and 1pm will be specifically focused on growing and cutting flowers.

In addition, Heather from Scottsville Supply Co will be leading two hive inspections at 11am and 2pm. There are 10 honeybee hives on the farm. She requests that you bring at least a veil to participate, and not have allergies to bees.

Picnicking is encouraged!

Farm Sales: Seasonal produce & cut-flower bouquets

Directions: From Charlottesville: Go South on Route 20 for 12 miles. Turn Left at the Keene intersection onto Rt 712, Coles Rolling Rd (Note that at the intersection Greene Mountain Country Store will be on your left, Piedmont Veterinary will be on your right). Drive 1.5 miles, then you will reach a stop sign; turn Left onto Rt 713 Glendower Rd, followed quickly by a Right turn to stay on Rt 712 Coles Rolling Rd. In 1.5 miles our farm will be on your Right.

From Scottsville: Go North on Rt 20. Turn Right on James River Rd Rt 726, drive for 0.5 mile. Turn Left onto Blenheim Rd Rt 795 for 1.3 miles. Then turn Left onto Coles Rolling Rd Rt 712 for 1 mile. Our farm will be on your Left.

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